[Limited]Operation [Banquet]75-76
 Code : 20210316013445
 Selling Price :
 Point : 3.00 point
 Sunglasses- us$30 :
 Single Holster + Gun- us$50 :
 Gold long sword :
 Manufacturer : SADOL[KOREA]
  : 2023 Event Gift: Shirts for May (1 per set)
  : [Size add]Migidoll75.Pipos75.RS76
  : Period: 2023.04.02 – 05.15
 QTY : ea
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Operation series [Banquet]  75


*This product is for a limited time only.

*Dolls and other accessories are not included.

*Only costumes are shipped.

*This costume cannot be purchased separately.

*Please check the components and price before ordering.

-Set costume price and configuration-


-Basic set  us$300

*Composition-Banquet suit hat + Banquet suit cloak + Banquet suit jacket + shoulder badge of rank +Removable decoration set+Suede vest+Pintuck shirt+Cummer band pants+Gloves

-Additional option

[Banquet] Sunglasses- us$30

[Banquet] Single Holster + Gun- us$70

[Banquet] Gold long sword: Black belt included- us$150

(Direction of paint scratches on the handle and the sheath gold part)

As it is an assembled product, it may be separated when shipping or in use.

If the assembled part is separated, please use it by attaching it with a transparent bond by yourself.

Due to the high cost of international shipping, it is not possible to receive repairs in case of separation.

[Banquet] Production size





*RS 76 Body


*[Banquet]ID75 is manufactured in only one size.

*The body worn in the photo image is Idealian 75.

*Fit and feel may be different when wearing other bodies.

*The shirt may have fine wrinkles due to the nature of the fabric.

*The fabric and subsidiary materials of the costume may vary slightly depending on the supply and demand situation.

*The color of the clothing may differ from the photo image depending on the color of the individual's monitor.

*As the fabric has been processed normally, we are not responsible for coloring.

*Delivery period-about 30-50 business days.

*Delivery date varies depending on the time of order.

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1. Unless the items are found with damage, it will not be returned according to the order policy.

2. All the costs related to damage returning will be made by us.

3. The return payment related to some damage will be made as the customer paid. 

4. The return payment will be made after the items are returned back.

5. Return will not be made by the damage which is caused by customer.

6. The return payment for damage will be made only by Paypal.