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SQ-lab SG body (H-53cm) 

SQ-lab SG(School Girl) body.


This model is designed perfect fit to SQLAB head which has animation characteristic style.
They are versatile body, you can attach both of the DD and SD head directly.

They are gorgeous with slim arms,legs and waist, looks very beautiful.
The arm joint consist with double-joint type, it helps you make the doll with natural pose.

They can match with not only the SG exclusive costume, but also OBITSU 50,
MDD, MSD, SDC costume.(But sometimes it can't fit with some special designed costume,
SG exclusive costume are sold )
As for the costume, a new costume will be released from Sadol.

We prepare 4 color skin tone, NORMAL.WHITE.Semi-White(DD).Double-White

Height: 53 cm (head included)

Girth of neck         7.7cm   
Girth of chest       20. cm
Girth of waist       13.7 cm
Girth of hips       22 cm
Width of shoulder    9.2cm

Body length neck-crotch 19cm

Body length nape-crotch 15.5cm
Length of arm parts
(shoulder - wrist)   14.8 cm
(shoulder - default hand)   18.8 cm

Girth of thigh   12.8cm
Length of leg parts
(hip - ankle)                         24 cm
(hip - foot)                           26.5 cm

Foot shoes size 
* high heels size :SD16 (us$30)
                  *Normal foot part: MSD  shoes size use.

costume size  : SG exclusive costume
OBITSU 50,MDD, MSD, SDC costume
(.(But sometimes it can't fit with some special designed costume)

head compatibility : SQ-lab anime head, DD head, SD head.. etc.


#SG body only :  US$300

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4. Parting line is apparent to the naked eye under the circumstance of existing manufacturing system.


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