[Classic Returns-Ⅲ]Boy

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Point 1.26
Manufacturer SADOL[KOREA]
20th Anniversary Event
Model info sadol STAR70 [Whee]
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[Classic Returns-Ⅲ]BOY costume set 


- Dolls and other accessories are not included.

- Only costumes will be shipped.

- It is impossible to purchase separately.

- Please check the components and prices before ordering.


- Price and composition of set

[Classic Returns-Ⅲ]Boy  Set - us$210
*Composition - Top Hat + Cape + Long Vest + Shirt + Cameo Ribbon + Pants + Gloves


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         [Classic Returns-Ⅲ]Boy - Production size 

*60cm~62cm-SD13boy, luts DF, luts SDF

*65cm-SD17boy,crobi R



*Old Hound

*luts SSDF

*luts Superior Body

*Migidoll 68 Body


*Switch HD 70

*Switch 70 Att



*luts GSDF





* Other sizes are not made.
* We are not responsible for compatibility with other sizes.  

* THe body in Photo image is star70. 

* Other body fit and feel may different with pictures.

* All configuration may slightly change depending on the supply and demand situation.

* The color of clothes in the photo may differ from the image depending on your monitor. 

* dolls(PVC) might have a danger of with body stain from clothes.

* We are not responsible for body stains.




Model info  

- sadol STAR70 [Whee] 



Delivery info 

1. The ordered items will be shipped within 35 Business days once the deposit is checked.

2. All shipments are made by EMS.

1. Unless the items are found with damage, it will not be returned according to the order policy.

2. All the costs related to damage returning will be made by us.

3. The return payment related to some damage will be made as the customer paid. 

4. The return payment will be made after the items are returned back.

5. Return will not be made by the damage which is caused by customer.

6. The return payment for damage will be made only by Paypal.