SADOL Eyes [Mercury]

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Manufacturer SADOL[KOREA]
size 14.16.18mm
Resin - eyes
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*Resin -eyes


*Size - 14mm ,16mm ,18mm



- UV protection


- Use only Sinner NO pigment 


- Minimize solid lines


- Minimization of yellowing by using natural dyes


- Maximize glitter by adding white pearls to the whites.

- Caution -

* Sadol eyes have been made by hands.

* Eyes color may differ from the photo image depending on individual monitor color.

* Exchanges are not possible due to color claims after purchase, only refunds are possible.

   - Shipping costs for refunds are the responsibility of the customer.

* Bubble of eye Which is being the side of eye, so cannot see when eyes are inserted, is consider as non-faulty.

* Due to the nature of the jeweled eye, the position of both pupils may be different.

   Deviations within 0.5mm are normal products.

* Due to the urethane finish, the bottom of the eyeball may not be smooth, and there may be gate  marks.

* The eyes coating is made with the entire urethane coating. Re-coating A/S is not allowed.

* Due to the nature of resin products, depending on the storage conditions, 

   yellowing and torsion may occur quickly.

   - Block light and moisture when storing for a long time

* Three inspections are made before delivery.

   - The delivered product is delivered on the premise that there are  no cracks, 

      incontinence, or defective coating in general.

   - There are no exchanges due to cracks, incontinence, or poor coating, only refunds are possible.

   - Shipping costs for refunds are the responsibility of the customer.

* Used eyes cannot be exchanged or refunded.

* Please purchase carefully.


[Delivery Date] About 30 business days

1. Unless the items are found with damage, it will not be returned according to the order policy.

2. All the costs related to damage returning will be made by us.

3. The return payment related to some damage will be made as the customer paid. 

4. The return payment will be made after the items are returned back.

5. Return will not be made by the damage which is caused by customer.

6. The return payment for damage will be made only by Paypal.