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 Manufacturer : SADOL[KOREA]
  : [pianissimo]M Fullset - us$85
  : Composition - Beret + Dress + Stockings
  : The fabric has changed.
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[pianissimo]M Fullset - us$85

*Composition - Beret + Dress + Stockings

*Shoes and musical note are not included in the full set.


[pianissimo]M Production size

*SADOL Cutie40

*VS MSD boy&girl 


*Luts kidsdelf boy&girl

*Luts modeldelf Girl

*40cm-43cm MSD

[pianissimo]M - one size

* THe body in Photo image is sadol cutie40과 MDD

* Other body fit and feel may different with pictures.


[pianissimo] set is not sold separately.

* All configuration may slightly change depending on the supply and demand situation.

* The color of clothes in the photo may differ from the image depending on your monitor


 *Model Information :  SADOL cutie40 White [yena]

Delivery information


Business day for about 20day






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